Dear Reader

My name is Patsy Ffrench and I’m an artist. Ever since I was little I wanted to own my own gallery but I never knew where to start and all the ins and outs of how to run one. So when the opportunity came to volunteer at the Suki Craft gallery, I was delighted. I’ve learnt so much in just my first week, and so, I’d like to share it with you.

My first day began by getting to know all the artists that exhibit in the gallery and making notes on each one so that I had a clear idea of my surroundings. This was not only interesting but inspiring as to what I could hopefully achieve one day. I then made little profiles of each artist and placed them next to their work so that customers could also learn about the artist. Once I’d finished my final cup of tea I was then off and ready for my next day at Suki.

My second day began by sorting out some new cards by Louise Tiler that would be displayed in the gallery as well as going through how they would all be priced. I then used the big sticker gun, labelled them and they were ready to go. I really enjoyed my first two days because I’m taking so much in and learning about things that I didn’t even think of.

My favourite artist of that week was Corinne Phillips. She uses embroidery, paper, textiles and buttons to create artwork themed around stories and her childhood. I love her pieces because they feel very nostalgic and work perfectly as gifts for mothers and grandmothers. Her work would also look amazing in a child’s bedroom due to their charm and adorable pastel colours.

See you next week,


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