Wedding lists

Wedding lists with SUKI

SUKI offers a friendly flexible service for both you and your guests. You have a couple of options giving you an opportunity to select from our wide range of items in the gallery from furniture to wallart. We pride ourselves on offering a relaxed, personal service, and we want to help you select the items that you like and find right for your house. Join us for a chat over a cup of tea, whilst we browse the ranges available and chat through your options.

Option 1 :
You can select as many items as you would like from the gallery and they can be reserved for an agreed amount of time. We will provide you with a list of your chosen items, however your guests can pop in and either select a gift from the list, or simply pay monies into your wedding list account. We will then inform you on an agreed date how much money has been paid into your wedding list account and which pieces have been purchased outright. Your guests will also have the option of leaving messages with the pieces they buy.

Option 2 :
Alternatively, your guests can pay into your wedding list account with us. You can then come into the gallery shortly after your wedding to select items from the gallery, using the credit within your wedding list account. If you select this option, Suki will give you an extra little present just from us, which will be an extra 5% on top of what your guests have paid in.

To find out more about our wedding list service, drop us a line below.

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